Hydrostone Living: two & three bedroom homes from $399,000

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We are building a mixed income development on four adjacent lots in Halifax’s Hydrostone Market area. The homes will be a mix 1220-1400 Sq Ft two & three bedroom houses. The construction will be built in four phases with two & three homes per phase. Construction will be panelized components fabricated in a production facility, delivered to site and assembled. This efficient process will save time, money create less waste and enable cost and schedule certainty.

A mixed income development will create a diverse micro-community that will  help fulfill the core housing need for peninsular Halifax that was identified in the Halifax Housing Needs Assessment. Specifically: appropriate housing options for seniors (accessible, single level living), smaller housing for smaller families, affordable housing for families with moderate incomes and the need for non-market housing in the regional centre.

5677, 5663, 5667 & 5661 Stanley Street

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Halifax housing needs over the next ten years

  • There is a need for diverse housing options in all areas of the Municipality, but areas of higher need such as the Regional Centre should be prioritized
  • The aging population will require appropriate housing options
  • Smaller households will require smaller units (both in bedroom count and floor-size)
  • There is a need for additional rental housing to accommodate growth but areas with higher vacancies should be monitored for future need
  • Demographic trends indicate that demand for ownership housing will continue at a lower rate.
  • There is a need for non-market housing options for households with lower incomes, particularly in certain areas of the Municipality such as the Regional Centre
  • There are population groups that are more likely to be facing housing affordability challenges
  • Housing options are also required for individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness