We are officially sold out on Stanley Street. Stay tuned for our next project just around the corner.



Maintaining a small footprint is a guiding principle for our construction and something we believe strongly in. 



Human scale development preserving walkable streets in one of Canada's best neighborhoods

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In the centre of the Hydrostone neighborhood are four adjacent lots, from which a community will soon emerge. Eight thoughtfully designed homes will gently occupy the lots, seamlessly stitching into the current fabric of the neighborhood. The two and three bedroom homes are designed for a modern urban lifestyle; efficient, sustainable, low-maintenance living.

Operating efficiency

Just think, no maintenance for decades! Combined with a tight envelope and the ability be net zero these homes will be cheap as chips to operate.

Take off eh!

The group of eight is set up as a condominium, allowing you to close the door behind you and travel worry free for as long as you want.

Walk it off

The Hydrostone is the best designed neighborhood in Canada over the last 100 years. What better place is there to stretch your legs?

Sustainable construction

With a pre-engineered panelized wall system and spray foam these homes will be very efficient. Don’t blink or you will miss these homes going up.

The Market

The Hydrostone Market has some of the best restaurants and coffee shops in Halifax within walking distance. Have I told you about Salvatore’s yet?

Designed to shine

High quality design and efficient use of space has been the backbone of all meetings during the planning phase, and it shows.

5677, 5663, 5667 & 5661 Stanley Street

The Hydrostone Market area has been recognized as one of Canada’s best designed neighborhoods in the last 100 years. The size and scale of the Stanley Street development is designed to complement the existing homes in the area at a human scale and maintain the walkable, livable streets that make it so special.